Julian Marley- ‘Straighter Roads’

Julian Marley tells us to look forward to the ‘Straighter Roads’ ahead, dropping the visuals for the  single off his upcoming album ‘As I Am’. 

‘Straighter Roads’ is an inspirational track from Julian Marley telling us all to keep focused and maintain composure as we are going through the rough patches on the road. Soon we hit the ‘Straighter Roads’ and there will be no obstacles in our way, there will be “no dark clouds ahead” and “no stop lights on red”. 

The video for the track is quite simplistic just letting Julian Marley’s words do the talking. Julian plays his guitar and walks through fields with a stunning sunset as his backdrop, this video really lets you reflect and take in what Julian Marley is saying. 

‘As I Am’ will be Julian Marley’s first album in almost 10 years, with Julian’s last album ‘Awake’ dropping back in 2009. With ‘As I Am’ scheduled to arrive in January.  ‘As I Am’ looks set to be another incredible Marley family album with features from Beenie Man, Spragga Benz and Shaggy, with the family also aiding in production on the album with both Stephen and Damian featured as executive producers. 

You definitely will not want to miss ‘As I Am’ when it drops and you certainly need to check out Julian’s latest video for ‘Straight Roads’, prepare to be inspired. 

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