Julian Marley- ‘War Zone’- Video

Julian Marley drops the video for ‘War Zone’ as he reflects on the sufferation he sees in the world around him, whether that’s “home or abroad” he sees suffering around him and makes a powerful stand on ‘War Zone’. 

Julian Marley is currently building up to the release of his first album in almost a decade ‘As I Am’ which is currently scheduled for release on the 25th of January, so it looks like 2019 is going to be a big year for Julian Marley. This is the second video release for a single off the album with the video for ‘Straighter Roads’ dropping on the 30th of November. If these two singles are anything to go by Julian Marley’s upcoming album is going to be phenomenal. 

Julian Marley has decided to go with a relatively simple video for ‘War Zone’ as it’s clear he really wants both the footage and his lyrics to do the talking. As the video presents examples of war zones in the world, with videos of protests, confrontations and statistics about the suffering taking place across the globe. Julian Marley really wants to make sure that his words connect in this video as his lyrics are boldly displayed alongside the footage, really making sure we understand exactly what he is talking about. 

Reflect on the current suffering in the world with Julian Marley in the video for ‘War Zone’, this is an incredibly powerful video, prepare to be moved by the words of Julian Marley as he really tries to make you think on this track. 

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