Konshens- ‘Sexin’

Konshens drops his newest single ‘Sexin’ produced by TJ Records. 2018 has been a busy year for Konshens seeing him drop his incredible album ‘It Feel Good’ and staying active on the scene with big releases that have kept his name on the tip of everybody’s tongues. Konshens is also gearing up for the release of his new mixtape ‘Raw’ which to quote Konshens himself is “100% about f*****g”.

‘Sexin’ calls out the sexual moves that Konshens and a partner are doing whilst whining on the road, which he believes may be mistaken for the pair “sexin”, with chants of “go find ah room” coming from the crowd. Konshens simply doesn’t care and continues to “grip on pon yuh” and whine. Konshens is clearly already in the mood for carnival, shouting when promoting the single on his Instagram “carnival nah miss we next year”.

Check out Konshens’ lastest single ‘Sexin’ below



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