Lisa Mercedez- ‘Feelings’

UK based artiste Lisa Mercedez is feeling all types of ways on ‘Feelings’, she is having the time of her life in the bedroom, her man has put her deep in her ‘Feelings’. 

Lisa Mercedez comes RAW on ‘Feelings’ as she drops a veryexplicit single. Lisa Mercedez describes the way her man is making her feel in the bedroom, her man is doing such a good job she can’t control herself. She is going to bawl out so loud the neighbours are going to hear her and she simply doesn’t care. She likes how she is feeling and doesn’t want it to stop. She already knows that she is going to have to come back to experience this again. 

Listen to Lisa Mercedez discuss all her ‘Feelings’ in the bedroom in explicit detail below. 

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