Lukie D x Anthony B- ‘Ganja Farmer’

Lukie D and Anthony B team up for the pro-Ganja anthem ‘Ganja Farmer’, both promoting the benefits of the herb and bigging up their abilities as ganja farmers. 

When you come out with a track with the same name as a genre classic (‘Ganja Farmer’ by Marlon Asher) you better make sure that the track you are coming really lives up to expectations, but when you are an artist like Anthony B or Lukie D that is an easier task than it would be for most artists. 

Lukie D provides a beautiful hook for the track which unsurprisingly given the name of the track bigs up his ability as a ‘Ganja Farmer’ with Anthony B going hard on the verses promoting the use of the herb and it’s benefits, looking at both it’s medicinal benefits as well as his deep love for the herb as he prepares to take another trip into the hills to find the best ganja. 

Check out Lukie D and Anthony B pro-ganja anthem ‘Ganja Farmer’ below as Lukie D bigs up his ability as a ganja farmer, whilst Anthony B promotes his love for the herb and his admiration of it’s medicinal purposes. 

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