Medikk- ‘Waistline’

Medikk comes with an infectious single ‘Waistline’ which like her “waistline” we weren’t quite ready for.

On ‘Waistline’ Medikk boasts of her “waistline” that has been seriously distracting some men around her. She then warns those same men that they aren’t quite ready to experience her “waistline” it will have them paranoid and obsessing over her, spending all their money on her. So really experience the ‘Waistline’ at your own risk.

We have to say we weren’t quite ready for this song from Medikk, this is a really impressive track and shows a lot of promise for the female deejay, I think if she keeps releasing music like this we will soon be obsessing over her music in the same way some men are obsessing over her “Waistline”.

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