‘Mouth Wash’ Riddim

Alaine- ‘Love Will Never Die’

Alaine uses this riddim to make a song about her special love with someone that will never die, which is very different to most of the songs on this riddim, featuring Alaine mainly harmonising over the riddim it is a unique take on this riddim.

Demarco- ‘Gyal Yuh Body Good’

Demarco’s voicing on this riddim focuses on an irresistible girl that “bubbles like soda” with a “pretty cute face”. This is typical Demarco and sounds very good on this riddim.

Mr Vegas- ‘No Tun Back’

Mr Vegas tells everyone on this riddim he will not turn back and will head forward and will ignore the efforts of his haters and doubters. He also focuses on some serious issues on this riddim, with the poignant lyrics, “you ah blame the shotta dem, but nah lock down the gun shop”, he also deals with some of the issues with religion. The lyricism in this track by Mr Vegas is incredible and really goes beyond what you expect a song on this riddim to deal with on face value.

Shaggy- ‘Party Every Night’ 

Shaggy comes with a party anthem on this riddim, which is quite different from his work earlier in the year with Sting. It’s a really feel good track from Shaggy and has a very good vibe to it.

Delly Ranx- ‘Neva’ 

This track revolves around things that Delly Ranx will never do, such as “kill my family”, “be a dog”, “try to sell out mi friend dem” and ” carry news to mi friend gyal”. Another really impressive effort on this riddim with a very catchy hook.

Vershon- ‘Perfect Body’

Vershon calls out a girl with a “perfect body and a perfect smile” to “whine it baby”, this riddim really leans towards this type of track from Vershon and he definitely delivers, using the uptempo bassy riddim perfectly.

Bugle- ‘Magnum & Punch’

On this track Bugle boasts of his sexual prowess and his skills in the bedroom, the title of the track being the essential ingredients that help the deejay to perform.

I Octane x J August- ‘Psalms 91’ 

I Octane and J August slightly alter the riddim on this track, to give the track a totally different vibe at points, taking the extra instruments out at points and riding the unaltered riddim. This is a remarkable track from I Octane and J August giving an inspirational and religious twist on this riddim.

Jah Wiz x Kahil- ‘Ready to Party’ 

Jah Wiz and Kahil come with a party anthem on this one, with a really catchy hook and  impressive vocal work throughout from Jah Wiz. Kahil comes in with very deep vocals and adds another level to the track.

Gappy Ranks- ‘Bird Wing’ 

The title ‘Bird Wing’ focuses on Gappy Ranks’ ability to now take flights that he has success. The track mainly focuses on the attitude of haters and doubters around him.

Versi- ‘Champion Gyal’

Versi focuses on a ‘champion gyal’, who is really demonstrating her skills to him, which is making him think of all sorts of things to do with her.

Da’ville- ‘Diamond Ruby’ 

Da’ville uses his really impressive vocals to give this track a totally different vibe to the other tracks on this riddim, combined with a catchy hook this really distinguishes this track. Da’ville also displays some really good lyrical abilities on this track.

Devin Di Dakta x Razz Attack- ‘Like What She Do’ 

Devin Di Dakta uses his unique voice and style on this track perfectly. Telling us all the things that he likes his lady doing. The use of Razz Attack’s deep interjections throughout the track adds another layer.

Kappa- ‘Grimey Streets’ 

Kappa comes with a track with a totally different theme to the rest of the tracks on this riddim. Focusing violence on the streets in Jamaica, which is an interesting direction to take this riddim and works quite well.

Sassy Silva- ‘Jump Start’ 

Sassy Silva focuses on her drive to succeed in music and facing the haters around her, telling everyone to ‘buss a laugh when paigon a talk’

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