Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems- Mr Pattern-‘100 Gyal (Gyal Criminal)

Dropping back in July, ‘100 Gyal’ is a massively underrated track from Mr Pattern and continued to show great promise for the deejay following the viral success of ‘Chicken and Bread’, which came out back in October 2016.

On the track Mr Pattern boasts of his abilities as ‘the gyal criminal’, as ‘from she sight me she left the man’. Throughout the track Mr Pattern shows a lot of lyrical skill with the track being full of various elements of wordplay, with a personal favourite being ‘mi tell the gyal to come climb pon mi mountain, now she don’t want to Everest’.

The video, unsurprisingly features Mr Pattern with various girls, catching whines and just showing his skills as ‘the gyal criminal’.

Check out Mr Pattern’s ‘100 Gyal’ below

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