Munga Honorable- ‘Nah Mad’- Video

Munga Honorable kicks off 2019 with the video for the anthem ‘Nah Mad’, reminding everyone that Munga Honorable is never going to be mad over any gyal.

‘Nah Mad’ dropped at the end of October and has since gone on to become a smash hit, with over 1 million views on YouTube, Munga Honorable has one of the hottest songs going into 2019 and it looks like it’s popularity is going to continue to grow following the release of the Magical Studio directed video.

The video for ‘Nah Mad’ sees Munga amongst the girls that he is never going to be mad over and his crew (including Chi Ching Ching) with Munga just celebrating life throughout the track, drinking his finest cognac and just turning up, Munga is showing everyone that he has too much going on to ever be mad over a gyal.

Check out the video for the anthem ‘Nah Mad’ by Munga Honorable below

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