Nailah Blackman x Shenseea- ‘We Ready (Champion Gyal)’

Nailiah Blackman and Shenseea are ready for carnival on their latest collaboration ‘We Ready’. 

Nailiah Blackman and Shenseea are not strangers to working together having collaborated on the hit soca anthem ‘Badishh’ in 2017, which has recently hit 2.8 million views on YouTube. Both artistes have also performed together on stage previously, so another collaboration between the two is not exactly a surprise. 

‘We Ready’ comes as the Caribbean is eagerly awaiting the 2019 carnival season, so unsurprisingly this single is inna Soca style. Nailiah Black and Shenseea are both road ready on this single, ready to buss their best whine on the road and represent for the whole of the Caribbean, pressuring the DJ to keep the party turned up so that they can show their status as ‘Champion Gyals’.  

Get ready for carnival season with Nailiah Blackman and Shenseea’s latest collaboration ‘We Ready’ below. 

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