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Newcomer Of The Year- Koffee

With our newcomer of the year, we were looking for someone that has made the whole scene look, someone that has burst onto the scene in 2018 and made everyone stop and stare and recognise their talent. There were a lot of names that could’ve been put forward for this award, with the eventual winner edging them out only slightly. Due to the fact that she has been able not only to secure a major record deal but also secure somewhat of a following internationally, which signing with Columbia Records will definitely continue to help in 2018.

Our winner for 2018’s Newcomer Of The Year is of course the incredibly talented Koffee.

Koffee has definitely been the ‘Toast’ of a lot of conversations in Reggae this year, with ‘Raggamuffin’ making everyone look back in January, with Koffee dropping an incredibly infectious track, which definitely stayed in a lot of people’s minds.

Koffee has been able to show a lot of promise without releasing a great deal of music in 2018, with ‘Raggamuffin’ and ‘Toast’ being her only two major releases this year, but this has still been enough for her to secure ‘Newcomer Of The Year’ as she has been able to show an incredible level of talent and promise, which quickly saw Columbia Records come in to sign her in 2018.

Get ready to ‘Toast’ Koffee as she secures Newcomer of the Year

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