‘Non Stop’ Riddim

Munga Honorable- ‘Paper Chase’ 

Munga Honorable is on the ‘Paper Chase’ on this riddim and he is never going to stop. Chasing the money is a  24 hour, 7 days a week thing for Munga Honorable and he’s never going to stop chasing it. He’s not wasting any time, he’s going hard and he’s not hiding from anyone, it’s all about chasing the paper and celebrating success once you get it. 

I Waata- ‘Non Stop’ 

I Waata drops the title track on this riddim, he’s looking for success non stop, he’s not being distracted by badmind people, he’s been working on his ability to avoid that haters since he was a youth and he doesn’t plan to let them get to his head yet. I Waata calls out the badmind, calling them out for hating on all the work he does whilst they sit there and do nothing. 

Intence- ‘Everything’ 

Intence  mesmerised by a certain girl, so much so, he even what to change her last name to his. He is loving ‘Everything’ he is seeing, he can’t see any flaws, even when he is examining her photos on his phone. Intence is infatuated by ‘Everything’ he is seeing. 

Kootan- ‘Long’ 

Kootan is giving the girls what they have wanted for ‘Long’, after she experiences it she is going to stay for ‘Long’, after she gets it she won’t be able to walk for a  fur’long’. Kootan is all about distance and time on this track, everything ‘Long’ and Kootan and the gyaldem seem to be enjoying it. 

Don Pree- ‘Brinks’ 

Don Pree who recently featured on the Introducing section of our website, drops a big track alongside some big names on this riddim. Don Pree is staying focused and ignoring the paigons on this track, he is making so much money he might as well have a ‘Brinks’ truck, he is pouring champagne and enjoying life on this track.  

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