Notting Hill Carnival Interviews- K More

Our second installment in our Notting Carnival Interview series comes with UK Dancehall artist K More, who over recent years has been one of the most consistent dancehall artists out of the UK. With a continuous stream of big tracks that have remained popular at carnival throughout the years.

What are your first experiences of Notting Hill Carnival?

K More: “My first carnival experience was probably 2014, I went to carnival and performed, was a crazy crowd, crazy vibes. I have been going carnival since I was young, enjoy yourself party, have food”

How has Carnival had an impact on your career and influenced your music?

K More: “In some way, I think carnival is just Caribbean culture, as a dancehall artist you make songs building up to carnival, hearing your songs on a big soundsystem, people dancing”

What part of carnival do you most look forward to?

K More- “Probably the food, Jerk Chicken, the music, seeing the outfits and seeing everyone vibing”

Being a Jamaican in London, what is the importance to you of seeing people embrace Caribbean culture at Notting Hill Carnival?

K More: “It’s not vital, we embrace other people to join in, have fun and enjoy themselves, it’s not important seeking validation from other cultures. We just like to see other people embracing our culture”

Which songs are you excited to hear at carnival this year?

K More: “Bubble, Rara- ‘Elegance’, Dexta Daps- ‘No Underwear’, Kes The Band- ‘Hello’, Mr Killa- ‘Run Wid It’

How do you think carnival has helped to promote dancehall in the UK?

K More: “Slowly but surely it’s getting there, we have Alicai Harley, Rara on the Redbull Stage. Rampage and other foundation sounds at carnival helping to push through talent. Foundation sounds like Saxon Sound, Tippa Irie, Victor V, foundation in UK dancehall, led the way with old school sound”

Do you think there is something people could be doing to help give UK dancehall more of a platform at carnival?

K More: “Once the artists, release the music and stay consistent, dancehall in the UK will rise to the forefront. People are supporting it already, it’s about carrying on the consistentancy. Loads of artists coming through The Rara, J Kaz, Alicai Harley, Big Zeeks, it’s a good look right now. We all have to keep pushing”

What are your plans for carnival in 2019?

K More: Just to go carnival, shell the stages. I’m sure if you go carnival you will see me and if you don’t see me you will hear my songs.

From me, stay stafe, ask a girl fi a whine and tek it, if she say no just keep walking, you admire the bubblings”

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