‘Over Drive’ Riddim

Quada- ‘We Run Dancehall’

Quada goes into over drive on ‘We Run Dancehall’, telling everyone exactly what he is doing for dancehall right now, he isn’t on the same level as these other artists and is about to prove it on this riddim, they haven’t seen what he has seen and done the things and he is done. Quada is going to let everyone know that the Unruly Camp runs dancehall right now and it’s time to put some respect on their name. 

Raneson- ‘We Prepare’ 

Ranseon is fully prepared for badness on this track, pulling up in the G6 fully strapped up, he’s making sure your girl is to “put her front in the air”, he is looking for a bad gyal, he is prepared to take on the task, he just wants to make sure that the gyaldem are ready for Raneson. 

Projexx- ‘Undisputed’ 

Projexx is the undisputed champion, he doesn’t need to state his claim to the title he holds in without debate. Projexx is pulling up in his new whip with his expensive style, he is talking straight money on this riddim, he is stacking up the cash and that’s before he has even started to deal with the money he has earned through music. 

Persona- ‘Hell Bruck Loose’ 

Persona is going to make it personal when he pulls up, he is not begging friend, he is here on straight badness, he is declaring war on his competition, so they better step back before ‘Hell Bruck Loose’. Persona is ready to spray whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, it’s time for hell to “Bruck Loose”. 

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