Pamputtae- ‘Advertisement’

Pamputtae puts out an ‘Advertisement’ for her talents on her latest single, as she advertises the goods, asking for “c***y and stipend”.

Pamputtae has been successfully advertising her talents throughout the whole of 2018, continuing to drop incredible tracks. Starting off the year with ‘Bounce Suh’ with Doni Boo, Pamputtae has shown an impressive level of talent in 2018 with highlight tracks like ‘Bad F**k’, ‘Good Hole’ and ‘Single Mother’ really showing the dancehall world what Pamputtae has to offer and showing us that we can expect a lot more than just slackness from this up-and-coming deejay.

Pamputtae continues to advertise her slack talents on ‘Advertisement’ with Pamputtae actively looking to advertise all that she has to offer, bigging up both her deejaying skills as well as her skills in the bedroom.

Pamputtae drops a raunchy track on ‘Advertisement’ as she looks to advertise “the needle eye” and her prowess beneath the sheets. Pamputtae is advertising herself as a top shelf product, this advertisement is not aimed towards your average listener, it is aimed at a top tier gentleman that is going to give Pamputtae exactly what she wants.

This is one ‘Advertisement’ you definitely shouldn’t skip, check out Pamputtae’s ‘Advertisement’ below.

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