Popcaan- ‘Silence’- Video

It’s time to have a moment of ‘Silence’ as Popcaan drops yet another incredible video off his summer 2018 album ‘Forever’.

‘Silence’ was perhaps the biggest track off Popcaan’s album so it was only right that he dropped some incredible visuals to go along with this phenomenal track. Get ready to go on a journey through the streets of Jamaica alongside Popcaan and the Unruly Camp. See the Unruly Boss celebrating life amongst those closest to him whether that’s playing football, riding out on a quad bike or sitting back and smoking a fat spliff. Popcaan definitely has plenty to celebrate after dropping a classic album in ‘Forever’ and that is exactly what he is doing in this video.

So sit back, relax and take in yet another incredibly produced Popcaan video, we recommend giving this one a moment of ‘Silence’.

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