Prohgres- ‘Mama Nuh Worry’

Prohgres is aiming to make sure that his ‘Mama Nuh Worry’, he wants to put in mama in a position that she will not have to worry, he might have to risk his life to get there but Prohgres is always hustling to make sure the people around him are going to have a better life.

Prohgres starts 2019 doing what he does best, providing a conscious dancehall track full of deep meaning as he looks to improve his and his family’s position in life.

Prohgres is going to go to extreme life to make sure that his family’s life improves, he knows the risks of hustling on the streets of Jamaica and tells his family that although these risks may lead to serious consequences, if he does not return from hustling on the streets they should continue their own lives and not risk their own health.

This is a powerful look on life in Jamaica and Prohgres delivers an incredibly deep and meaningful message on ‘Mama Nuh Worry’.

Join Prohgres as he addresses the risks of hustling on the streets of Jamaica on ‘Mama Nuh Worry’ below.

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