Prohgres- ‘Nuh Too Friendly- Video

Prohgres is careful who he keeps to close him in ‘Nuh Too Friendly’, he doesn’t know how is a true friend, fake friend or foe, he would rather isolate himself and be carefully who he surrounds himself with. 

‘Nuh Too Friendly’ originally dropped back in June, with currently 215,000 views on YouTube ‘Nuh Too Friendly’ has done fairly well so far, with Prohgres even doing an acoustic mix of the track for JussBuss TV. 

The visuals for ‘Nuh Too Friendly’ are relatively simple, really letting Prohgres’ incredible track do the talking. The visuals really help to push across the issues discussed by Prohgres, with the video really focusing in on Prohgres in isolation, helping the viewer to really focus in on the words he is saying, which makes the track even more relate able and powerful to the listener. 

Check out the video for ‘Nuh Too Friendly’ below.  

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