‘Raving Season’ Riddim

Beenie Man- ‘Artist Peggy’ 

Beenie Man calls out an ‘Artist Peggy’ in this track, a girl that has made her way through the whole scene, visiting Vybz Kartel in jail, going through the whole of J.O.P and even wanting to “shag Shaggy”. 

Vershon- ‘Dallas’ 

Vershon  is couting “Dallas” on this track as he looks to achieve all of his dreams, buying his mother a house, stacking up the paper and just heaping the rewards of his success. He doesn’t have time for the haters, he just wants to use his time to get to the money. 

Prohgres- ‘Neat and Clean’ 

Prohgres continues to show promise on ‘Neat and Clean’ as the gyaldem are looking on the deejay as he is wearing his finest clothes looking “neat and clean”, he doesn’t need the name brands he just needs his simple Clarks and jeans, he doesn’t need to reach for Balenciaga’s,  he looks neat and clean with ease. 

Deep Jahi- ‘Golden’ 

Deep Jahi looks towards the “pretty and golden” girls on this track as he seems mesmerised by a certain girls moves, the way she whines the way she dips, he loves it all. 

Jovi Dipree- ‘Here We Go’

Get ready to get wild with Jovi Dipree as he stresses his credentials as the party master, partying evening to evening Jovi Dipree does not take any time off, as he parties like an animal. He just wants to enjoy his life and success and heap the rewards of his success with his “moneys stacked to the ceiling”. 

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