‘Reign’ Riddim

Gold Gad- ‘Closet’

Gold Gad get’s x rated on ‘Closet’ as he exposes the inner freak of a certain girl. Gold Gad is about to expose the freakiness that his girl has been trying to hide in the ‘Closet’.

Fully Bad- ‘You Wouldn’t Know’

Fully Bad reflects on the struggles he faced growing up in the ghetto, as he stayed clear of living the badman lifestyle deciding to focus on music. Fully Bad spent many a night sleeping on cold floor but that doesn’t stop him aiming to the top and looking for worldwide success.

Khxos – ‘Watch Out Fi Dem’

Khxos tells everyone to watch out for those closest to you when you find success, because more time they will turn on you like. Khxos tells you that these people are not your friends, they are just trying to use you and are distracting you from your aims.

Elephant Man- ‘Bumpa’

Elephant Man is looking for a girl that possess that big ‘Bumpa’ she wants a girl that is competing with “Nicki and Cardi”. He wants her to have that right shape and possess a lot of specific skills, she has to be able to give Ele a good whine.

Jay A – ‘Do Dem Nuttin’

Jay A tells you that you don’t owe people anything on ‘Do Dem Nuttin’. Telling listening to not focus on badmind people that expect something from you, you only owe your success to your supporters and those closest to you. You don’t owe those that want to see you fall anything.

Tony Matterhorn- ‘Love Song’

Tony Matterhorn isn’t dropping a traditional ‘Love Song’ on the ‘Reign’ Riddim, he is dropping a “f**k song” this isn’t a ‘Love Song’ (as he admits on the track). Tony Matterhorn is ready to take the leave and give this girl exactly what she wants. Tony Matterhorn knows exactly what this girl needs and it isn’t love.

Lockit- ‘Regular Girl’

Lockit’s special someone is definitely not a ‘Regular Girl’ he wants to provide her with everything she wants and provide her an experience that definitely is not regular. Lockit is enjoying the time they are spending together (especially in the bedroom) and wants to give her a different type of lifestyle.

Masicka- ‘I Know’

Masicka knows that if he keeps pushing for success all the pain he is experiencing in life with fade away. Masicka is working hard to find a better way in life and to move himself away from the pain he has experienced.

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