Riddim Roundup

Riddim Roundup- November 2018

Welcome to November’s instalment of Riddim Roundup, as we roundup the best riddims released in November, alongside the ‘Best Song’ on each riddim and the ‘Song Most Likely To Be Slept On’ 

1. ‘Braff Riddim’ 

Best Song- ‘Braff’- Teejay x Ding Dong 

Romeich Entertainment superstars Teejay and Ding Dong link up on potentially one of the biggest songs of the year on ‘Braff. Both artistes look back and ‘Braff’ as they think about their success, they don’t need to worry about money now and can just relax knowing that financially they are taken care of. Teejay provides excellent vocals on the track, whilst Ding Dong continues to show that he is an extremely underrated lyricist. This is one of the hottest tracks in Jamaica right now and fully deserves to be the Best Song on this riddim, which when looking at the competition on the riddim is no easy feat. 

Song Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Mek Wi Party’-Kash 

When you listen to this track you definitely don’t get the feeling that this track would ever feature on a song most likely to be slept on list, as Kash provides the ultimate turn up anthem with ‘Mek Wi Party’, Kash doesn’t have anytime to rest, he just has time to party. Kash provides a standout track on a riddim full of standout tracks with ‘Mek Wi Party’. He will certainly have plenty of people in the mood to party with this track. 

2. ‘Dual Citizen’ Riddim

Best Song- ‘Up Life’- Konshens 

Konshens looks to live the ‘Up Life’ on this Troyton Records produced riddim, as he looks back on his road to success, reminding himself of everything that has motivated him on his way to the top. Konshens provides an inspirational anthem on ‘Up Life’, this track will definitely keep you motivated to achieve your goals. 

Song Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Python’- Trekar

Trekar tells us to watch out for the ‘Python’ on this track, as he reminds us to be careful of the company we keep and how we walk in the streets as plenty of people are just waiting to take advantage of people. Trekar really makes you think on this standout track, telling you to be weary of those around us and look at the warning signs. 

3. ‘Raving Season’ Riddim 

Best Song- ‘Dallas’- Vershon 

Vershon is counting ‘Dallas’, he’s stacking up the paper high until he has enough money to buy a big house for “his momma”. Vershon has unleashed a hustlers anthem with ‘Dallas’ encouraging everyone to keep working and stacking those ‘Dallas’ to achieve their dreams. 

Song Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Here We Go’- Jovi Dipree 

Jovi Dipree is about to party all night, smoking his best herbs, he is about to hit the rave and shell it down, shouting out Frenz 4 Real, it is time to party from evening to evening. This is another party anthem featuring on this month’s riddim roundup as Jovi Dipree is about to turn up with his crew. 

4. ‘Gold Coin’ Riddim 

Best Song- ‘To Party’- Anthony B 

It’s time ‘To Party’ with Anthony B only positive vibes are allowed around Anthony B, he’s not here to fuss or fight, he is here to celebrate success and enjoy himself. Anthony B’s ‘To Party’ really standouts out on this riddim as he promotes positivity, celebrating his success and wealth on the track and sounding incredible whilst doing it. 

Song Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘No Title’- Kadijahh 

Despite being released back in July, Kadijahh’s ‘No Title’ was released on the ‘Gold Coin’ riddim compilation in November, this track really hasn’t received the praise it deserves to this point. Kadijahh’s calls out the men that aren’t treating women correctly, abusing their emotions and not giving them the credit they deserve. Kadijahh tells the girls that is your man doesn’t treat you right, he doesn’t deserve you, she’s fed up with having ‘No Title’. 

5. ‘Trending’ Riddim

Best Song- Deep Jahi- ‘Trending’ 

Deep Jahi is quickly becoming one of the fastest emerging artists in dancehall. Deep Jahi comes with the title and standout out track on this riddim, as he calls out artists that will do anything to remain relevant and “trending”, calling out those that will loosen their morals and not stay true to themselves in order to become successful. Deep Jahi is staying true to himself and doesn’t care if he is not ‘Trending’ he just wants to stay true to himself. Deep Jahi has released the standout track on a riddim which features some of the biggest dancehall artists in the world, even featuring one African dancehall superstar, Deep Jahi is definitely ‘Trending’ and staying true to himself at this point, even though he isn’t particularly fussed about trending. 

Song Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Elevation’- 9TYZ

9TYZ comes with a standout out track on a small riddim stacked with talent, with superstars Vershon, Bugle and Shatta Wale featuring on the riddim, but 9TYZ is able to hold her own. 9TYZ looks for ‘Elevation’ and she has certainly found it on the ‘Trending Riddim’ as she releases an incredible track, which has definitely shown a lot of promise for this upcoming artist. 

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