Rygin King- ‘Hold On Me’

Rygin King has found a certain girl that has a ‘Hold On Me’, he can’t get her off his mind. In a similar way, no one in dancehall has been able to get Rygin King out of their minds this year. 

Rygin King is yet another artist that fully deserves to be in the deejay of the year discussion, having been one of the hottest artist this year in dancehall, everything he has touched seems to have touched to gold this year, with some of the hottest tracks out right now with ‘3ZN’ and the anthem of the summer ‘Tuff’, Rygin King has remained one of the most talked about names in dancehall. 

‘Hold On Me’ sees Rygin King become infatuated with a certain girl, with almost everything she does attracting Rygin King. Rygin King wants to spend all of his time with this certain girl, he can’t stop ringing her, he can’t stop talking to her and he can’t stop spending time with her in the bedroom, this girl certainly has a hold on Rygin King and he can’t stop singing about. 

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