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Rygin King- ‘Paranoid’

Rygin King worries about the consequences of his actions on ‘Paranoid’ looking at those he has lost around him and worrying whether he will be next. 

On ‘Paranoid’, which was originally released a year ago, Rygin King reflects the risks of a life of badness, the constant threat on your life and the constant worrying whether you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rygin King does this all in his unique way that has seen him emerge as perhaps the most promising talent in dancehall. Using his unique blend of trap and dancehall to really drive home his message. His use of a  nontraditional dancehall beat combined with his sometimes eerie singing , reflects the darkness of the issues being addressed on ‘Paranoid’ and creates yet another standout track for Rygin King.

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