Shane E- ‘Su Tesoro’

Upcoming artist Shane E drops ‘Su Tesoro’ (his treasure) a slow jam which sees Shane E bigging up his special girl that keeps coming back for more. 

Shane E dedicates this one to ‘Su Tesoro’ (his treasure) that he can’t get enough of and from what Shane E is sharing in the lyrics the feeling is definitely mutual, Shane E wants more and she can’t stop coming back for more. Seems like this is a well made match. Shane E gets explicit on this track, showing everyone his irregular style with the girls that makes him so irresistible. 

Shane E continues to show incredible promise on ‘Su Tesoro’ continuing to show his versatility and lyrical ability that has been on full display throughout 2018, as Shane E continues to make noise for the Montego Bay dancehall scene which seems to be the hottest thing in dancehall right now. 

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