Shane O- ‘High Suh’

Stay ‘High Suh’ with Shane O on his latest single as he smokes his finest kush.

Shane O followed on his incredible comeback year in 2017 with another amazing year in 2018 as he solidified himself as one of the top names in dancehall with releases like ‘Partner Draw’, ‘Somebody Pickney’ and ‘Take It Tell Me’.

Shane O is starting 2019 well with ‘High Suh’ as he releases a single for all the smokers produced by Troublemekka Music & Reid Waters. Shane O is smoking the sweetest kush as he tries to catch the best vibes possible, he doesn’t want anyone coming into his space and destroying the vibe. Shane O is smoking from morning till evening to insure that he is keeping the best vibes possible.

Stay ‘High Suh’ with Shane O below.

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