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Shane O x Blak Rhyno- ‘Somebody Pickney’

Shane O and Blak Rhyno make everyone think on the conscious effort ‘Somebody Pickney’. Making everyone think outside of themselves and look at the struggles people around them are experiencing, reminding us that everyone is ‘Somebody Pickney’ 

Shane O continues his incredible comeback year with ‘Somebody Pickney’ adding to what would seem to be a constant stream of hits, Shane O has the formula right now and keeps making incredibly popular music, showing both versatility and also a unique skill for creating conscious relateable music.

Blak Ryno is coming off the back of the release of ‘Brace Pon Me’ which is a really good track from the deejay, with the video being released just over two weeks ago.

Shane O and Blak Ryno link up brilliantly on this track, both coming with different styles, but making a cohesive track that calls for unity and positivity, because at the end of the day we are all ‘Somebody Pickney’. 

Check out Blak Ryno and Shane O’s ‘Somebody Pickney’ 

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