Shane O x Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Riches’

Shane O and Tommy Lee Sparta chase the ‘Riches’ on their first collaboration together, neither artiste cares which currency their ‘Riches’ come in, as long as it comes. 

Tommy Lee continues his assault on the end of 2018 with yet another single release, as he looks to set to takeover the end of 2018 before the release of his album in early 2019. Tommy Lee teams up with Shane O on this track who is also having an incredible 2018 which has been an incredible comeback year for Shane O who recently took some years out of the spotlight before bursting back onto the scene towards the end of 2017, Shane O definitely has had the formula to success this year, releasing some of the hottest tracks this year. 

‘Riches’ sees Tommy Lee and Shane O chasing the ‘riches’ together with the riches coming in almost every imaginable currency from euros to pounds Shane O and Tommy Lee are collecting them all. As Shane O says on the hook “I can feel my riches ah come” both definitely know the riches are coming their way after the success they have had this year. 

Listen to Shane O and Tommy Lee chase the ‘Riches’ below, stacking up almost every imaginable currency, it’s time to get inspired to chase the ‘Riches’ in 2019 with Shane O and Tommy Lee. 

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