Shenseea- ‘Hype & Bruk’

Shenseea is representing for the independent gyaldem on ‘Hype & Bruk’ she is going to keep hustling till she has her own success. She is dependent on nobody and she is going to make her own money.

Shenseea isn’t ever going to depend on any man on ‘Hype & Bruk’ she is going to make sure that she is making her own money and make sure that she is never ‘Hype & Bruk’ because that is simply not Shenseea’s style. Shenseea is rolling out in her BMW living her lavish life, the only person she relies on is herself and it is bringing her success. She is making sure that she will continue to remain independent and successful whilst she is piling up money in her savings.

Live like Shenseea and never be ‘Hype & Bruk’ below

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