Sherece – ‘Overlooked EP’

Nuh Rush Records is excited to declare the release of the new album Overlooked from recording artiste Sherece, which is now available worldwide. “Overlooked” consist of seven tracks that includes various genres such as R&B, Modern Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and more.

Overlooked, like the name suggests, has a powerful meaning and is “Sherece” way of sending a message to everyone in the music industry and also in her personal life who has ever doubted the type of perception she has for her music career showcasing her talent in this collection of music while displaying different levels of diversity making it so everyone can enjoy. Overlooked is produced by Nuh Rush Records, and currently available on all media platforms. Recording artiste Konshens & Gabriel Tirado are also featured on the project.

Track 1 : I Can Love You

Track 2: Bet You Never Ft Gabriel Tirado

Track 3: Di Glue

Track 4 : Wine Up Ft Konshens

Track 5 : Caught Up

Track 6: Crazy For You

Track 7: Keep Trying

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