Showtime Damion- ‘DM’

Showtime Damion teams up with Dancehall Promo to drop the ultimate social media anthem ‘DM’, with Showtime Damion sliding into the DMs as soon possible. As soon as he sees a picture he likes, he is double tapping and going straight for the DMs. 

Showtime Damion has shown a lot of promise in 2018 dropping some really impressive singles, including his previous collaboration with Dancehall Promo ‘Like A Movie’ which has gone on to receive over 29,000 views on Dancehall Promo’s YouTube channel. Showtime Damion’s ability to make infectious songs for the gyaldem this year has really stood out with previous efforts ‘La La La’, ‘Like A Movie’ and ‘Sump’n Bout You’ demonstrating his mastery of this craft. ‘DM’ is no exception as Showtime  focuses on the sexy gyaldem on the track, the girls that he finds irresistible, he sees just one picture and has to go straight for the DMs. 

‘DM’ continues to show Showtime Damion’s promise coming with yet another infectious track, which surely almost everyone can relate to. As almost everyone definitely feels like sliding into someone’s DMs after seeing them looking sexy on the gram. However, unlike many of us it would seem that Showtime has mastered this craft. Firstly he actually gets a response, something which definitely is not guaranteed. This leads to an incredible verse from Showtime where he introduces himself on the track giving all the reasons why he is attracted to this girl, before moving to his next step, getting the WhatsApp. Showtime Damion does not go onto to share what exactly goes down after he gets the WhatsApp, I guess that is only between Showtime Damion and the gyaldem. 

‘DM’ is out now on Dancehall Promo’s YouTube page (check it out below) before it is released officially on Friday when it will become available for purchase, and available on  all streaming platforms. Please buy the single and support the movement  Dancehall Promo and Showtime Damion have done an amazing job with this single. 

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