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Spice- ‘Black Hypocrisy’- Video

Spice drops video for ‘Black Hypocrisy’ the day after officially breaking the internet after resurfacing on Instagram.

Spice yesterday announced the upcoming release of her mixtape ‘Captured’, which is scheduled for release on the 2nd of November. As part of this announcement she released a photo of herself appearing to have a much lighter complexion with the caption “nothing wrong with a fresh start” which has now gone on to officially break the internet, with even the Daily Mail reporting on Spice’s apparent bleaching.

With the release of ‘Black Hypocrisy’ this all appears to be part of a much larger point from Spice. Spice is confronting her critics and taking them head on. In ‘Black Hypocrisy’ she criticises those that took issue with her dark complexion, stating that a lot of those people are now criticising her for her apparent bleaching. She takes on what she calls “black people hypocrisy”, meaning criticising those of darker complexion and favouring those of a lighter complexion. Spice’s recent posts appear to be part of a much larger powerful point from the artist and it can definitely be said that she has proved her point over the last couple of days, with a barrage of criticism being levelled against the artist.

Check out Spice’s ‘Black Hypocrisy’ below

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