Spragga Benz- ‘Chiliagon’- Album

  1. “Move To The Music” (featuring Rebel ACA) 
  2. “Believe” (featuring Tanika) 
  3. “Good Suh” 
  4. “Wicked Love” 
  5. “Spread Out” (featuring Hype And Fever) 
  6. “Differ” 
  7. “If Yuh Ready” (featuring General Levy) 
  8. “Link Up” (featuring Matthew Allman, Illaman, Black Josh) 
  9. “Hustle And Flow” (featuring Rodney P) 
  10. “King on the Throne” (featuring Rodney P) 
  11. “Some Of Us Love Rum” (featuring Rebel ACA) 
  12. “Found Me” (featuring Anna Blue) 
  13. “Differ Remix” (featuring Sean Paul, Agent Sasco, Chi Ching Ching) 
  14. “Trilogy” (featuring Killa P, Harry Shotta) 
  15. “No Regrets”

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