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Spragga Benz- ‘Differ’- Video

Spragga Benz comes with a different style of track on ‘Differ’ linking up with Toddla T to make as the title of the track would suggest a very different type of song.

Spragga Benz really looks to “Differ” from the competition on this one. Focusing on all the ways that him and other deejays are not alike, everything he does appears to “just Differ”. This track comes with a very unstereotyplical dancehall instrumental coming with a more grimey kind of sound, with Spragga Benz’s vocals kind of bringing back the dancehall element, there are also obvious elements of dance genres that have had an influence on this track’s production.

This is a different look from Spragga Benz and just really shows how incredibly versatile both these genres of music are and how versatile the incredible artists that are and have been coming out of Jamaica are.

Check of Spragga Benz’s ‘Differ’ below.



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