Squash ft. Grimrym- ‘3rd Eye’

Squash links up with Grimrym on ‘3rd Eye’ produced by Valinteno Records on the anti hater anthem ‘3rd Eye’ as Squash and Grimrym are ready to pull up on any one that comes against Mo Bay. 

Squash continues to create hype around his sound on ‘3rd Eye’ linking up with fellow Mo Bay resident Grimrym. Squash is still currently incarcerated having been arrested in August, having been the second time the deejay has been arrested in 2018. Having not been found quilty of any crime as of yet, many are calling his incarceration unjust, with the strongest protests coming from the deejay’s mother Shelly-Ann Millwood. Although still incarcerated Squash is one of the hottest names in the fast emerging Montego Bay dancehall scene alongside names like Teejay, Rygin King, Chronic Law and Shane E. 

‘3rd Eye’ sees Squash linking up with Grimrym, as Sin City links up with G City, showing one of the strengths of the emerging Montego Bay scene, as the emerging talents all appear to be working well together and trying to push the success of the scene together. ‘3rd Eye’ sees Squash and Grimrym not trusting the haters, always walking around strapped, ready for action just in case someone decides to run up on one of the deejays. Reflecting some of the harsh realities of life on the roads in Montego Bay. Squash and Grimrym now that some people will be jealous of their success, so they are taking all precautions to protect themselves. 

Check out Squash and G City linking up with Grimrym and Sin City on ‘3rd Eye’ below, as Squash and Grimrym protect themselves from the haters. 

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