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Stefflon Don ft. Tory Lanez- ‘Senseless (Remix)

Stefflon Don and Tory Lanez link up for the remix to the dancehall flavoured ‘Senseless’.

‘Senseless’ was already an incredible track before this remix came out. With the original video being shot in Jamaica and the dancehall vibes being turned all the way up by Stefflon Don.

You would have thought by including Tory Lanez on the remix, the remix would change pace and aim more towards more of an RnB crowd, being that RnB is Tory Lanez’s traditional lane.

However, that assumption would be totally incorrect with Tory Lanez coming with a patios laden verse, shouting out some classic dancehall lyrics and songs, complementing that “batty” that “is so big” causing his to lose focus, as well as telling us some of the x-rated activities he hopes to get up to.

As for Stefflon Don, she has changed up the lyrics on this track, coming with a more x-rated vibe that the original, but still kills it in the same way as she did on the original track, with the video showing everyone why he had the likes of Drake and Safaree thirsting after her on Instagram Live.

Check out the remix to Stefflon Don’s ‘Senseless’ featuring Tory Lanez below

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