Chronic Law- ‘Face Shot’

Chronic Law is ready to exact revenge on his latest single ‘Face Shot’ as he prepares to take matters into his own hands on his latest Shab Don Records produced single. Advertisements

Chronic Law- ‘Cold Dews’

Chronic Law makes sure he stays aware of people’s true intentions in his latest Papi Don Muziq produced single ‘Cold Dews’. Chronic Law is making sure that he works hard and stays away from people with negative intentions.

Chronic Law- ‘Falsifier’

Chronic Law is talking straight badness on his latest single ‘Falsifier’ as he is ready to silence all the opponents of the 6ix.

Chronic Law- ‘Family Different From Link’

Chronic Law looks at those around him on his latest single ‘Family Different From Link’ as he looks at the price of success on his latest single, as he reminds himself of people’s motives on his latest single as he looks at people changing around him on his latest Bertdem Records produced single.