Jahvillani- ‘Gyal, Money, Murda’

Jahvillani is all about three things on his latest single produced by Ovabad Records and Pantason and those three things are ‘Gyal, Money, Murda’. Jahvillani is going to lock down the streets as he focuses on these three things. Advertisements

Jahvillani- ‘Make It’

Jahvillani is going to continue to ‘Make It’ despite everything the haters have to say about him. Jahvillani is going to keep pushing for success on the Rush Sheikh Records produced ‘Wave’ Riddim.

Jahvillani- ‘Full A Gyal’- Video

Jahvillani is going through Jamaica acquiring a collection of women in his latest video for ‘Full A Gyal’ produced by Young Vibez Production. Jahvillani is coming through with the Wileside Government and taking everyone’s girl in ‘Full A Gyal’

Jahvillani- ‘Weh Dem Ago Duh’- Video

Jahvillani asks ‘Weh Dem Ago Duh’ as he drops his latest video for his track on the YGF Records produced ‘Weekend Love’ Riddim. Jahvillani asks why people want to stop his success, but he has one question for them ‘Weh Dem Ago Duh’ because he’s at the point that you can’t deny he is one…