Ding Dong ft. Popeye Caution- ‘Good Ting Dem’

It’s all about the ‘Good Ting Dem’ as Ding Dong drops the Frame X God directed video for his huge single ‘Good Ting Dem’. Get ready to see flashy cars, flashy dancing and all of the good tings dem in Ding Dong’s latest video. Advertisements

Ding Dong ft. Popeye Caution ‘Good Ting Dem’

Ding Dong will only be ever seen with the ‘Good Ting Dem’, whether that’s clothes, cars or jewellery it will always be the ‘Good Ting Dem’. Ding Ding is only ever stepping with the ‘Good Ting Dem’ alongside Popeye Caution. Ding Ding is making sure he is stepping out in the finest brands whether that…