Lisa Mercedez – ‘Talk To Mi Nice’- Video

Make sure you ‘Talk To Mi Nice’ on Lisa Mercedez’s latest single, she knows that she is top class and won’t have anyone disrespecting her. Lisa Mercedez will be quick to move on if you don’t ‘Talk To Mi Nice’. Advertisements

IQ- ‘Slow Down’

It’s time to ‘Slow Down’ with IQ as he gets ready to take it to the bedroom on his latest single, as he drops a fresh slow jam for Valentines Day. It’s time to head to the bedroom with IQ on Valentines Day, as he prepares to ‘Slow Down’, it’s time for IQ to show…

K More ft. The Rara- ‘Run Up’

K More and The Rara are ready to ‘Run Up’ on the opposition on their latest single produced by DJ Davda. Get ready for K More and The Rara to ‘Run Up’ and “buss it arff” as they look to make an example of the opposition on this badman tune. Get ready for the blood…

Mr Pattern- ‘Caravan’

Get ready to head to the ‘Caravan’ with Mr Pattern, it’s time to take it from the dance to Mr Pattern’s ‘Caravan’ on his latest single. As the party winds down it’s time for the gyaldem to hit Mr Pattern’s ‘Caravan’. However, there are some rules for Mr Pattern’s caravan, firstly no phones allowed, keep…

IQ- ‘Scream’- Video

IQ has the moves to make you ‘Scream’ as he releases the video for his single. IQ is coming with some sensual visuals for his hot single ‘Scream’, get ready for IQ to show you exactly why he is going to make you ‘Scream’ in this Kayla Owen produced video.