Teejay ft. Ding Dong- ‘Braff’

So nice we had to post it twice.

Teejay links up with fellow Romeich Entertainment superstar Ding Dong to unleash the incredible single ‘Braff’. 

‘Braff’ being the title track for the ‘Braff’ Riddim, which is a showcase of the incredible talent on Romeich Entertainment, featuring Teejay and Ding Dong alongside fellow superstar Shenseea, and upcoming members of Romeich Entertainment Stylez, Flamz and Kash. 

‘Braff’ is slang of Teejay’s creation meaning to chill out,  kick back, and just really enjoy life. On this single Teejay and Ding Dong are chilling out as they no longer have to worry about grinding to become rich, because they already are. Their “money nuff”. Teejay and Ding Dong are just enjoying success and all the things that come along with it. 

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