Teejay- ‘Pop Bottles’

Teejay is celebrating success on his latest single ‘Pop Bottles’ as he has the Ace of Spades ready to pour, surrounded by models in his Versace, Teejay is certainly living his best life. 

Teejay certainly has a lot of reasons to celebrate and ‘Pop Bottles’ following the incredible year he has had in 2018, he has brought himself to the pinnacle of dancehall with constant incredible releases, he is signed to Romeich Entertainment, he has perhaps the hottest track in dancehall right now with ‘Up Top Boss’ and he is still releasing more and more incredible music, at what appears to be a weekly rate. Teejay certainly should be popping as many bottles as he can get his hands on. 

Unsurprisingly, ‘Pop Bottles’ sees Teejay celebrating life pouring out the finest champagne, looking back on his road to success and all those that doubted him on his way up. Teejay looks back on those times as he’s pouring out his Ace of Spades surrounded by models, making sure that he stays motivated as he continues his journey. 

Get motivated alongside Teejay as he ‘Pop(s) Bottles’ below, get ready to pour the Ace of Spades and live your best life. 

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