Teejay- ‘War’

Teejay declares ‘War’ on his most recent single produced by Legend Celebrity Records, warning of the dire consequences of coming up against him or his crew. 

Teejay is one of the hottest artists in dancehall right now and he is not scared to declare ‘War’ on his opponents on his most recent single. Teejay is continuing to show his incredible ability of making  impressively clean melodies whilst covering gory subjects, with the hook repeating “lie down and bleed out” it is definitely a difficult subject to cover with such clean melodies. On ‘War’ Teejay warns those that aim to come up against him or his crew stressing that it will end in gory fashion. Safe to say it probably isn’t a good idea to come up against Teejay or his crew. 

Teejay is continuing to show promise on his most recent release, continuing to represent for Montego Bay,  linking up with Falmouth based Legend Celebrity Records on this one. Teejay is showing all the talent that has gone underrepresented from Montego Bay and alongside fellow rising stars; Rygin King and Squash, Teejay  is making people regret not paying the second city the respect it deserves. 

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