The Build Up To Becoming the Uptop Boss- The ‘Braff’ Comeup of Teejay

Teejay is one of the hottest artists in dancehall right now, bringing his unique sound to the pinnacle of dancehall and representing for Montego Bay. Signing with Romeich Entertainment and getting more eyes and ears to look towards the talent coming out of the second city than ever before. 

Teejay has had an incredible year so far in 2018 establishing himself as one of the certified hit makers in dancehall with almost everything he is touching turning into a hit record. Teejay has not held back with a constant stream of releases with 4 releases in the last week alone. 

With the release of the  original video for ‘UpTop’ video coming in February, Teejay has come along way since it’s release, with the original video being viewed 55,000 times on YouTube, compared to the 6.2 million that his second video for the track received. 

Although this success seems sudden, this has been a long time coming for Teejay who has been making a name for himself in dancehall over the past couple of years, scoring big tracks with ‘True Friends’ which has over 800,000 views, ‘World Comes Down’ which has over 1.1 million views  and ‘Buss Head’ which has 1.3 million views. Teejay has seen success before but has not been able to sustain it and make the name for himself that he has in 2018. 

Since the release of the second video for ‘Up Top’ in March Teejay has definitely sustained his success making sure his name has remained relevant on the scene with an almost constant stream of singles from every imaginable producer, ranging from Frenz 4 Real to Falmouth based Legend Celebrity Records, Teejay has been willing to work with almost anyone and has being killing it with every track. 

Teejay has made using his incredible melodies to cover gory subjects his trademark, with recent hits ‘Grimy’, ‘Murda Murda’, ‘War’ and ‘.40’ being testament to that. But Teejay is far from a one trick pony, he has been able to prove his versatility with lighter tracks such as ‘Braff’, ‘Deeper’ and ‘Seductive’ proving that his incredible voice can be used for more than just singing about the grimier side of dancehall. 

‘Up Top Boss’ could potentially be Teejay’s biggest song of the year with 1.5 million views following the release of the single and an additional 2.3 million views following the release of the video. ‘Uptop Boss’ is potentially the biggest song on the scene right now so expect a lot more of views to come Teejay’s way. 

Alongside releasing some of the biggest songs in 2018, Teejay has almost everybody using his slang, with “Uptop” seeming to be the phrase of the moment and “braff” also beginning to takeover (braff meaning to chill out) with Teejay even releasing a track with Ding Dong called ‘Braff’ on Romeich Entertainment’s aptly named ‘Braff’ Riddim. So clearly Romeich is supporting his artist’s slang as well. 

Teejay has had an incredible year so far in 2018, bringing more eyes and ears to Montego Bay’s dancehall scene than ever before. Alongside fellow upcoming artists Rygin King and Squash, Teejay has brought Montego Bay dancehall to the pinnacle of the dancehall scene, bringing his unique style to the top and he seems to be just “braff” remaining at there for a long time to come. Start getting used to hearing more of  the incredible melodies of the ‘Uptop Boss’ because they are definitely here to stay.  

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