‘Time Machine’ Riddim

Mavado- ‘Me Alright’

Mavado is focusing on himself making sure he’s good and living his best life. Partying with all day and all night with “nuff gyal” , he’s not worried about anything and is just trying to dress the cleanest and show everyone the rewards of his success with “diamonds all over” his body. 

Ding Dong ft. Boom Boom- ‘Vibes’ 

Ding Dong and Boom Boom are here for good vibes only on ‘Vibes’, negative people best remove themselves. Ding Dong is out here living his best life making exclusive trips to see bank tellers. Ding Dong is just dancing away from negative people. 

Shenseea- ‘Tie Mi Up’ 

Shenseea gets explicit on ‘Tie Mi Up’ as she wants someone to control her and show her a good time, detailing what exactly she wants her partner to do to her.

Teejay- ‘My Type’ 

Teejay details exactly what his type is on this track, telling us all what he wants to see from the gyaldem as well as bigging up his prowess in the bedroom. All performed in his incredibly smooth vocals. 

Christopher Martin- ‘Dweet’ 

Christopher Martin is rolling through stunting on everyone, dripping in sauce as he rolls through in his finest cars, with his stacks of money. He is living it up  and has no plans of going back to his broke days. 

King Ko$a- ‘Same Energy’ 

King Ko$a reflects on a lot of things on this track, looking at his friends and his enemies. Looking at the support he has for his friends that have stayed around him, not trusting anyone that is friends with his opponents. 

Jahmiel- ‘Feel Like Party’ 

Jahmiel is feeling like it’s time to party on this track as he looks to spend some money and enjoy himself. A particular girl has caught his eye and he’s going to make his advances towards, wearing his freshest clothes with his freshest cologne, it looks like he is going to achieve his aim. 

12 Gauge- ‘Hard Fi Deal Wid’ 

12 Gauge reflects on his lifestyle changing as he busts like a 12 Gauge, he is not going to ease up he is going to keeping pushing and chasing more success.

Moyann- ‘Quite Alright’ 

Moyann is ‘Quite Alright’, she demands respect and is not going to accept not being given it, she is not going to be treated badly, she is going to maintain her boss status. 

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