Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Badman Links’- Video

Tommy Lee Sparta continues to show his badman status in his latest single and video for ‘Badman Links’ as he reminds the whole of dancehall that he has ‘Badman Links’ in every imaginable location in Jamaica.

Tommy Lee Sparta was one of the hottest artistes towards the end of 2018, with almost weekly releases through the final 3 months of 2018. Tommy Lee does not seem to have slowed down heading into 2019, dropping his first single and video for the year on the 1st of January, with yet another impressive single in ‘Badman Links’, which unlike many of the singles Tommy Lee dropped towards the end of last year is more of the traditional badman centred dancehall we expect from the Montego Bay native.

‘Badman Links’ sees Tommy Lee bigging up his ‘Badman Links’ across Jamaica, from Grants Pen to Spanish Town, anywhere Tommy Lee pulls up he has the baddest thugs ready to make the “gun delivery” as he prepares to put somebody 6 feet deep. Tommy Lee is simply not scared of his opposition, it certainly looks like his opposition have something to be afraid of following his track, as Tommy Lee will seemingly go to extreme lengths with his ‘Badman Links’ to shut down his enemies.

Check out Tommy Lee and his ‘Badman Links’ below.

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