Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Relevant’

Tommy Lee Sparta stays ‘Relevant’ this yet another release as he continues his aim to takeover of the end of 2018. 

Tommy Lee Sparta has come with yet another single, this time with ‘Relevant’,  as he remains extremely ‘Relevant’ following his 4th release in the past month.

 ‘Relevant’ sees Tommy Lee boasting of his status as the talk of the town, he simply doesn’t care what anyone says about him, because he knows that he is the man that every man fears. He knows he is at the top and that  it is just natural for people to aim for him due to his status, as he says on the track “heavy is the man that walks with the crown”. 

On ‘Relevant’ Tommy Lee continues the singjay style which has featured in several of his lastest releases, again showing that their is more to Tommy Lee than just the “gothic dancehall” style he is most known for. 

Check out Tommy Lee’s ‘Relevant’ below 

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