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Track of the Week- Ding Dong ft. Boom Boom- ‘Vibes’

Ding Dong and Boom Boom bring only positive ‘Vibes’ on this track, looking for good vibes only, negative people best remove themselves. 

Ding Dong reflects on his success on ‘Vibes’ recalling walking into the bank and hearing chants of “here come tha rich fella” and having to talk to the bank manager not the bank teller because he is just that successful. 

Ding Dong just wants success for all of those around him,  but he does not want people to come around him that are only interested because of his money and success. With the Ravers Claver and Ding Dong providing all the best dancing; and Boom Boom on the intro and outro, the track and video bring all the ‘Vibes’ and will definitely make you want to share in the good vibes of success with Ding Dong. 

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