‘Trending’ Riddim

Deep Jahi- ‘Trending’ 

Deep Jahi comes with the title track on this riddim, questioning the motives of artists that will do anything to become “trending” calling out artists that will happily buy views and look to do anything to gain relevance in the scene. Deep Jahi sees the importance in staying true to himself and not getting build into the music industry politics. 

Bugle- ‘Platform’ 

Bugle is calling out to be given the ‘Platform’ to carry dancehall forward, calling out the outdated artists on the scene as he looks to pitch his attempt to take over. He is a master of his craft and deserves to be given the ‘Platform’ to takeover dancehall. 

Shatta Wale- ‘Satanic’ 

Shatta Wale isn’t scared of anyone on this track not even ‘Satan’. He isn’t going to follow anyone  he is going to stay true to himself and isn’t scared to get grimy when it comes to disposing his enemies, he is going to get rid of you in almost “satanic” practices. 

9YTZ- ‘Elevation (Bad Like 90s-EP) 

Upcoming dancehall artist 9YTZ drops a big track on this riddim which also featured on her EP ‘Bad Like 90s’. She is looking to elevate herself on this track, representing her music that is bad like 90s dancehall. She is going to find success and show everyone her promise as an artist. 

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