Vershon- Interview

Our latest interview features the dancehall superstar Vershon, from his fast breakout in 2014, Vershon has maintained his position as one of the top artists in dancehall, keeping his name at the top of the scene with a seemingly never-ending stream of hot records.

Vershon has continued this success in 2019 with releases ‘On and Off Switch’ and ‘Switcher’ which are two of the hottest dancehall singles in dancehall right now. Vershon has cemented his place in dancehall with his relatable music and doesn’t seem to have plans on leaving this position anytime soon.

Check out our exclusive interview with Vershon below.

When did you first get into making music?

Vershon- ” I got into music at a very tender age, when I was 9, I used to sing in Church and was always encouraged by my teachers and community”

When did you first start recording professionally and who were some of the biggest influences at the start of your career?

Vershon- “I started recording professional at age 17, my main influences were Sanchez, Supercat, U Roy, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man”

Following your first recordings when did you first start to see your music connecting?

Vershon- “Started with ‘Boom’ which was my first official single produced by Birchill Records, and then just kept growing with singles like ‘Ruff Up The World’ and ‘Inna Real Life'”

Did you expect the success that you had early on in your career?

Vershon- “It was expected, I had been doing music a long time, over the years you start to gain a certain attention to your own music”

How do you think starting at such a young age helped you to develop as an artist?

Vershon- “I definitely learnt a lot over the years, I learnt how to mix my own songs, record my own songs and produce my owns songs. It has definitely been a good thing growing up within music and learning all these different areas”

When did you start to see people internationally paying attention to your music?

Vershon- “When I did the song ‘Inna Real Life’ that really got me on to the international scene”

When you recorded ‘Inna Real Life’ did you sense that it was going to be your breakout single?

Vershon- “I mean it’s music you can expect anything, it can go to world or it could just stay in Jamaica”

Obviously in the last 4 years since the release of your breakout single ‘Inna Real Life’ a lot of things have changed within the music industry with new technology changing the ways fans interact with artists, what have been some of the big changes you have noticed?

Vershon- “A lot of change. Image, performance, how we view music. People want to see the artist, they want to see him in his everyday life and see his lifestyle”

What is your thought process when you are creating a single, do you try to make sure the music is coming from a personal and relatable place?

Vershon- “Most of my music is placed on personal stuff, things that I am going through. I want people to really love my songs because they are relatable”

Have there been personal experiences that have inspired your recent singles like ‘Switcher’ and ‘On and Off Switch’?

Vershon- “I have ‘Switcher’ everyday, like everyday. We all have friends that switch up on us”

Looking forward to the rest of 2019 what are your main aims for this year?

Vershon- “Well in music anything is possible. This year I have changed how I view music, I want to be more positive. I am currently working on an EP and an album. The album is strictly reggae, no dancehall, I have been working on it since last year and produced it by myself alongside a live band”

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