Versi- ‘Higher’

Versi is aiming ‘Higher’ as he links up with Haynes Records to release his latest single.

Versi is going ‘Higher’ despite the best efforts of the haters, liars and badmind people. Versi isn’t going to allow them to effect his success as he continues to aim ‘Higher’ using their hate to motivate him further. He knows they would rather see him 6 feet under then successful, but that just motivates Versi to pursue success more. Versi isn’t going to stop until his face is on every flyer, he’s not letting them distract him from his aims and he is going to continue to chase success for as long as it takes.

Versi has kept himself very busy in 2018 with a string of his impressive releases including collaborations with Bounty Killer, Chronic Law and ZJ Liquid. Versi has made sure that his name has remained hot on the streets of Jamaica and is continuing to do so with his latest release ‘Higher’, looking to inspire everyone to not get distracted from those that are plotting our downfall.

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